Brenda is passionate about getting the message of hope and healing out to those who are merely “sleep walking” through life or feeling marginalized in their God-given purpose as a result of intimidation and control from abusive influences. Having also learned about the reality of mental illness and its effects on loved ones through painful life experiences, she is qualified to offer sound advice and encouragement to anyone who desires to break free from a victim mentality!


Having grown up in the high desert of Northern Nevada, Brenda was awakened to the entertainment industry at an early age and as a child of gospel music recording artists, she was predisposed for a career in music earning a professional status as a singer at an early age. It was the incessant call of God, which steered her heart toward Christian music and her desire to bring the hope of Christ into desperate places that are often overlooked or shamed by religion. Surrounded by the disquietude of casino gaming and the allure of glimmering lights, as an adolescent she was intrigued by the glamour but her immunity was predicated on her mother’s encouraging deposit of faith, her proclamation of God’s Word and example of prayer at home.


Through scholarships funded by the Miss Nevada / Miss America Pageant, Brenda studied Biblical and Ministerial Arts at Capital Bible Institute in Sacramento, California before discovering some of life’s greatest detours, where she later achieved success as a TV Spokes model, Radio & TV Jingle Singer and Voice Over Artist in California & Texas. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and adult- onset domestic violence, Brenda eventually found her true identity and healing through her personal and private journey with Christ and the wisdom of true Godly counsel amidst the rough seas of the legalistic religious community and the unrelenting discouragement of the world.


Brenda’s greatest joy and achievement has been raising her daughter, Bryanna, as an honest example of what it means to walk daily with Christ and break every generational curse. She has served in various music ministries and churches as a Worship Leader, Singer/Songwriter, Blogger and Public Speaker while gleaning the fields for over 20 years as a Decorative Artist and self taught Interior Designer, where her faith has led to outstanding success in the market place and a well established clientele in Texas, California and Arizona.

Brenda is currently working on her first book. She is the wife of American Christian Broadcaster and Film Producer, Paul Crouch Jr. Together they are the grandparents of 4 boys and one girl.